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Dr. Chang Wang ( 汪 昌 ):  Facilities Engineering Advisor at Chevron Corp., works in the Energy Technology Company’s Facility Engineering Department, Civil, Structural & Marine Engineering Unit.  He has managed the world deepest fixed platform, Petronius Complaint Tower, in 1,784 feet water depth in the Gulf of Mexico.  He has worked on a variety of design and construction projects across a range of world offshore oil & gas industries since he joint the firm in 1975.  He transferred from Dubai, United Arab Emirates back to Houston on in late 2008 after working there for 2 years as the Turret & Mooring System Area Lead of the Frade FPSO Project.  He earned a Master’s degree in structural engineering from Lamar University, and received a Doctoral degree in Soil Mechanics/Foundation from Tulane University.  He is a member of America Society of Civil Engineers.










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