Dr. Hong Jin ( 金虹 ): is a lead HES Engineer at Chevron Energy Technology Company. In her current role, she manages environmental impact assessment projects for operations, major capital projects, and R&D. Prior to joining Chevron, Dr. Jin has worked as a Senior Engineer at ConocoPhillips, in the Corporate Technology, Strategy, & Planning group, where she has collaborated with a variety of business units including Fuels & Regulatory Affairs, HSE, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Chief Economist Office, and Sustainable Development. Externally, Dr. Jin served on several expert panels and industrial consortia that monitor regulations/policy on oil & gas operations and project development. She was invited to review the “Future Fuels Study” by National Petroleum Council during 2011-2012. She has also helped developed the draft California Low Carbon Fuel Standard in 2009. Dr. Jin holds M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from the University of Kansas.

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