Mr. Max Tsai ( 蔡期安 ): Max joined the Roxanna team full time in 2014 after he completed an internship with the Police Research Center. As the lead of data management team, Max is responsible for managing, acquiring, manipulating, analyzing and displaying certain geological and geochemical data in GIS software program. Max graduated in 2013 with a M.S. in GIS, and earned his B.S. in Chemistry back in Taiwan (R.O.C.). A large portion of the data comes from geochemical data that are derived from rock cuttings acquired through the drilling of oil and gas wells. These organic content, thermal history, physical properties and other geological data are integrated into GIS mapping software, to view the spatial relationships of these data from thousands of individual wellbores. Contour mapping of the data allows for selection of area for exploration, based on certain geological criteria.

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